Other Oka Products
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Other Oka Products


1. iOkaSpring Nano Silver Hydrogen Alkaline Water System


4 in 1 functional water purification system

iOkaSpring provide the best combination of drinking water. 

  • Clean Water
  • 100% chlorine free water
  • Natural alkaline water​
  •  Highly oxygenated and high in –ORP water
  • With triple Nano Silver Carbon and hydrogen alkaline filters.

2. OkaLine

Alkaline BioStick (convert normal water pH to alkaline water):

  • Portable
  • Keep fit – dissolve excess fat
  • Anti aging – neutralize free radical
  • Detoxification – neutralize accumulated acid waste
  • Lifespan up to 500 liters 


3. OKAi Hydrogen Alkaline Ionized Water System


OKAi uses the latest innovative technology and parts from Japan that produces ionized alkaline water that helps to improve:

  1. Helps to neutralize an acidic human body
  2. 2 in 1 hydrogen and alkaline water machine (upto 1,500pbb hydrogen)
  3. Provides alkaline and negatively charges ORP water
  4. Increases intake of oxygen
  5. Upto 6 times more hydrating than conventional water
  6. Balance the body pH
  7. Helps to promote good cell function
  8. Retards the aging process with its negative charge
  9. Increases antibody’s functions and natural healing
  10. Regulates body temperature
  11. Improve blood circulation
  12. Improve the taste and quality of food
  13. Helps relieve seasonal allergies
  14. High antioxidant- reduce many symptoms of disease


Other uniqueness of OKAi

  • We use COMPLETE water filter with 12” PP block (innovated by 3M), carbon block and nano silver carbon (removed chlorines and bacteria) compared to only 6” ceramic filter where it only filter sediments.  This quality filters able to filter all sediments, chlorine and bacteria before entering into OKAi machine.  
  • Our Titanium platinum plates are directly imported from Japan (with certificates) – quality assured and comes with  5 years warranty. 
  • Our titanium platinum plates are bigger and thinker than most titanium plates in the market.  Our size shows the different when customer open up the plates to compared the size.  On thickness, most plates are 0.4 micron meter but ours is 1.2 micron meter (3 X thicker than most plates in the market).  It is important to have bigger and thicker plates as it is more effective, no erosion, and longer lasting.
  • Having a quality titanium platinum plate is important – we are giving 5 years warranty compared to others 1-2 years.  As this is the most expensive parts of the machine, we give the highest warranty.
  • We are also fully ROhs compliance and food grade material used from top to bottom with certificates.  

4. OkaSpring Master Filter (Stainless Steel/Fiber Glass)

OkaSpring Master Water Filtration is using the latest 5-stage technology from USA as below.

Stage 1:  Microlite Volcanic Silica Sand

Stage 2:  Nano Silica Sand

Stage 3:  Sea Silica Sand

Stage 4:  Mid Sea Silica Sand

Stage 5:  Nano Anti-Bacteria Carbon


10 Benefits of Okaspring Master Filtration System

  • High quality fiber glass/stainless steel casing – to ensure that it can stand on high pressure and to prevent leaking from the tank.
  • Using latest 4-stage filtration technology from USA
  • It can filter up to 5micron.  The micron size is effective to filter sands, mud, hair, pollens, dusts, particles, insects and eggs.
  • Does not reduce the water pressure in your home
  • Does not remove chlorine in the master water system to ensure bacteria do not grow in your house piping system.
  • Natural ingredients, no chemical added.
  • Easy operation
  • Economical
  • Higher solid loading capacity
  • Nationwide customer service support