Okamizu Food Detoxifier
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Okamizu Food Detoxifier

The propriety Okamizu Process is an innovation based on Japanese technology combining plasma ion generation and ozonization. Ozone is nature’s disinfecting and oxidizing agent. It effectively breaks down and neutralizes chemicals, bacteria, odour and cigarette smoke.


For the food you eat, you only need to detoxify produce one or twice a week before storing them in the refrigerator. This can be done in 15 minutes with a simple push of a button. A bowl of water is all you need. The Okamizu Food Detoxifier will turn the ordinary water into an oxygen-rich environment to detoxify your food, utensils and more. It does not filter but specializes in decomposing harmful chemicals in food.


It has been tested and analysed by reputable universities and laboratories, in which it was found to be 99% effective in:

  • Decomposing agricultural chemicals;
  • Elimination of bacteria;
  • Removal of poultry antibiotics;
  • Freshness preservation; and
  • Nutrient preservation


We’re Different

  • Safe
    • Safe Ozone Output
    • Negligible harmful by-products (Nox)
    • Nutrients retention
  • Effective
    • Consistent performance
    • Clinically Proven
  • Low maintenance
  • Quality Ozone resistant material
    • Medical  Grade tube
    • High Grade Casing
    • High Grade Stainless Steel ozone chamber
  • Practical
    • Cater to Detox large amount of food
    • 32 multi usage
    • Easy to use with microprocessor in-built timer
    • Installation Free